At age 62, my childhood abuse stood out far too vividly in my mind. Hope and joy were just words to me, I knew very little about them, maybe nothing at all. My first session with Joyce cracked open a tiny place in my mind where a light came in, a ray of hope. Now that was totally new to me and wonderful. In my second session, I learned “tapping” and used it often after that whenever I felt guilty. After tapping, the feelings were muted. In my third session, we did an emotion code and a long trapped emotion was released from my body. As amazing as that sounds, it resulted in calmness that I was not used to having. I came away from that session much improved.

– Sylvia

Joyce helped me formulate a beginning statement expressing my feelings on something that was troubling me. After tapping on that statement, I became aware of another aspect of the problem. We then composed a statement based on that new insight and tapped again. This process soon led me to understand the root cause of what was troubling me. With that understanding, we wrote a final statement, which I used for positive reinforcement.

– Stan

My inner healing sessions with Joyce were life changing. I was filled with anger for my mother for years, maybe even all my life without it really being at the surface of my consciousness. During our inner healing session on my anger, Jesus came to me and told me I could live the rest of my life without anger for my mother. I could not and would not be able to change the fact that my mother was a narcissistic person. I would be able to take the good in me that she had given me, and disregard what I had wanted from her but did not receive, and could not ever change. I moved forward after that session, and was never angry with my mother again.

– Adele

When I began seeing Joyce, I thought she was going to help me process the last 5 years of my life and develop some healthy coping mechanisms. I was certain that cancer, and the finalization of a divorce to my husband of 10 years was the result of my severe depression and frequent panic attacks. However, after a few counseling sessions with Joyce, I was able to understand that my depression and anxiety were just symptoms of a lifetime of untrue, negative beliefs about myself. I had learned from childhood to minimize the severity of tragic events and highly emotional situations. I just believed that life was hard and people had to get over tragedies quickly because there would certainly be another along the way. The first technique I learned was tapping. Tapping allowed me to pinpoint a specific negative thought. After I identified the thought, I would counter the thought with a true and positive statement while touching specific parts of my face. This was very effective in preventing full-blown panic attacks. Eventually, I relied on this technique so much that I stopped taking Xanax. Over time working with Joyce, the panic attacks stopped completely.

– Marcy