Seminars and Workshops

Presented by Joyce Stewart


Holistic Healing for Life

Discover the differences between conventional and holistic-based healing and learn how they work together to keep you healthy and happy for life. Today, science has caught up with Eastern medicine, and current research has validated its proven methods. During this informative presentation, you will discover the science behind how holistic healing works and uncover the different types of energy healing available to you.

You will Learn:

  • How to embrace holistic healing perspectives
  • The causes of physical, mental and emotional illness
  • How your energy system works and the science behind healing
  • How energy healing can heal you and your loved ones for life

Breaking Free of Fear and Anxiety

Everyone experiences fear and anxiety to some extent; these are two of the most common emotions. However, for some, fear and anxiety have taken over their lives and caused many problems. Discover how these powerful emotions often feed off of one another and expand to keep people stuck, unhappy and unproductive.

Learn what to do to release these intense emotions to create more enjoyment and freedom in life. Uncover the root causes of fear and anxiety and the different modalities available to release them.

You will Learn:

  • The difference between fear and anxiety and the most common causes of both
  • What goes on inside the brain when you feel fear or anxiety
  • Why traditional treatments do not always work to bring relief
  • Why holistic energy-based treatments used to treat fear and anxiety can give lasting results

Transforming Fear to Love

In this seminar, you will discover how many of your beliefs about God, yourself and other people and the world around you are based in fear rather than love and how to change this so you can live life from a place of love, joy and connection with everyone and everything around you.

You will Learn:

  • Where all this fear is coming from
  • Why people choose to remain in a place of fear
  • What life would look like when living it from love
  • How to transform fear into love

Speaker Bio: Joyce Stewart is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice who uses a combination of traditional and holistic based treatments to help people overcome fear and anxiety in their lives. She has a bachelor’s degree in social work and a masters in clinical social work. She has written three books: Interconnected by God, Healing for your Spirit, Soul, and Body, God is Love, A Spiritual Journey from Fear to Love and Restored to Love, Healing Sexual Abuse Trauma