Interconnected by God

interconnected-bookPsychotherapist and social worker Joyce Stewart empowers you to live your best life in her book, Interconnected by God. In this exceptional read, she gives you tools to understand how to gain healing by combining Eastern and Western medicinal practices with Biblical insight. Her ability to give you the steps to improvement is supported by enthusiastic testimonials. Stewart sustains a straightforward and gentle encouraging tone in her writing that is comforting, yet highly informative. Interconnected by God offers you several options to wellness, allowing you to harness your personal power to recover through professional expertise.

Finally a book that opens our eyes to the scientific connection of Eastern and Western medicine. I highly recommend this book to those who want a deeper understanding of the role of spirituality and healing.

– Jessie Epperson, MSW, LCSW

Joyce Stewart has a miraculous grasp of how deficiencies affect the mind and body, factoring in how many different forms healing can take. This is a must read for anyone who has not found healing in traditional medicine or is tired of the pharmaceutical push. You will want to read it more than once.

– Val Vorpi, Bible Teacher

This book is a masterpiece in bringing the world of the spiritual and science together and explaining things to us in a clear, concise and wonderful way. This book explains how the body, soul and spirit work together and gives practical application of many concepts and ideas to bring help and healing to the whole person. Keep your mind open and read with an open heart. I highly endorse the person who wrote this book, and I recommend this book to you, as a completely revolutionary work in the field of spirit and medicine.

– Lisa Winter, RN, BSN


Interconnected by God 
won 2nd place in the Christian Writers Awards for Counseling/Recovery books.

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