God is Love, A Spiritual Journey from Fear to Love

cover image for God is Love by Joyce StewartJoyce Stewart grew up in the Christian faith. A few years back God asked her if she would be willing to surrender to him everything she believed and start over. Joyce agreed to the challenge and in this book, God is Love, she shares with you how God led her into deconstructing everything she believed about God, Christianity, the Bible, Jesus, sin, love and many other topics. The Holy Spirit revealed to Joyce how much of her belief system had been built on fear, and since God is love, this needed to change. You may not agree with everything Joyce writes, but you will be challenged to examine for yourself what you believe and why and how this impacts your relationship with God, self and others. If you desire a deeper understanding of yourself, spirituality, God, love, and how to identify your own fears and release them to God, God is Love provides a light to guide you along the path.

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Joyce broke down so many details about God that it gave me a clearer picture of who God is. She put into terms things that I have thought about in a jumbled manner for years and made it simplistic to understand, backing it with research from many periodicals. Her perspective on sin and hell really struck me because I had never heard it put that way before. If you have questions about spirituality and the evolution of the religions, I would encourage you to read this. Reading this book inspired me want to live from a place of love.

– Lynn Gebke

WOW!!! is the best word to describe it!! This book opens your mind to exploring life in a deeper, enriching way.  Curiosity of what was to come kept me turning the page for more.  It was well put together, exciting, stimulating and jaw dropping all at the same time.  Definitely a book to share with my family and friends.

– Chrissy Modrusic

If your are ready to face your fears and experience total freedom from the things, limiting beliefs or people that are now holding you back, then reading this book can be an important investment toward your greater understanding of who you are, and who God is. I recommend you get this book and explore how Christianity and other belief systems can continue to shape the beautiful person you are.

–Karen Andersen

This book is awesome and so amazing! I highly recommend it!!!!! What a beautiful book about God’s Love and the actions we can take personally to move closer to God and away from fear. Thank you so much Joyce for enriching my life. What a beautiful and insightful book. It added so much perspective to what I feel intuitively and I feel in my heart.
Rhonda Culver