Personalized Counseling Programs

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Joyce has been trained in the following treatments:
Affirmations * Cognitive Behavioral Therapy * Dream Interpretation * Emotion Code * Energy Tapping * Inner Healing * Mindfulness * Muscle Testing * Releasement of Demonic & Spirit Entities * Soul Fragment Releasement & Integration * Spiritual Mentoring * Theta Healing * Traditional Talk Therapy * Visualization.

Joyce has 2 programs available for you to choose from:

BREAKING FREE From Fear and Anxiety

  • Free Initial Consultation                                   
  • Personalized Assessment 
  • Individualized Treatment Plan 
  • 45-60 minute Counseling Sessions


If you are ready to explore what you belief and why, this program is for you. It does not matter what beliefs or non beliefs you currently hold regarding religion and spirituality. This program teaches you how to live life from the higher spiritual Truths of Love rather than the fear based beliefs of man. 

  • Free Initial Consultation                                   
  • Personalized Spiritual Assessment 
  • Weekly 45-60 minute Mentoring Sessions 

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