Personalized Counseling Programs

With Joyce Stewart

A one size fits all approach is not an effective way to get the lasting results you are looking for. That’s why each client is personally assessed by Joyce. She will develop a personalized treatment plan that will get to the root cause of your symptoms that are keeping you stuck or holding you back from living a more fulfilled life. Joyce will choose treatments tailored to your specific issue to bring health and harmony back into your spirit, soul and body. Joyce has been trained in the following treatments:
Affirmations, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dream Interpretation, Emotion Code, Energy Tapping, Inner Healing, Mindfulness, Muscle Testing, Releasement of Demonic & Spirit Entities, Soul Fragment Releasement & Integration, Spiritual Mentoring, Theta Healing, Traditional Talk Therapy and Visualization.

Joyce has 3 programs available for you to choose from:

  • Living Free – Monthly Program
  • Forever Free – One Day Program
  • Breaking Free – You Choose the services you want and pay separately


1 Month Personalized Counseling Program (Can Renew each Month)

  • One Personal Assessment
  • One Personal Treatment Plan
  •  Four On-Line or In-Person Counseling Sessions at 55-60 minutes each month, Two of those being a Personalized Assessment and Individualized Treatment Plan during the First Month.
  • Unlimited Monthly Email Access
  • All Treatments Available at no Additional Charge
  • Free Access to any Special Events, Classes, Webinars, etc. that Month
  • Free Copy of Joyce’s Two Books: Interconnected by God and God is Love
  • Free Access to Special Events, Classes, Webinars, etc. 
Total Investment: $1,000

FOREVER FREE – Personalized VIP Day with Joyce

This special VIP program is designed for those who want fast personalized results over one focused day. During your VIP day we will instantly discover the root cause from your past and begin to heal this so the symptoms will gradually go away and you can feel free again. 

  • 1 Full Day with Joyce (available virtually or onsite)
  • 1 Personalized  Assessment
  • 1 Personalized Treatment Plan
  • 3 Counseling Sessions at 45-55 minutes each
  • Full Month of Unlimited Email Access
  • Free Access to Special Events, Classes, Webinars, etc. for a year
  • Free Copy of Joyce’s Two Books: Interconnected by God and God is Love
Total Investment: $1,500


You Choose the Services you want and pay for each one separately as you use them.

  • Free Initial 20-minute Consultation                                   
  • Personalized Assessment – $250
  • Individualized Treatment Plan – $200
  • 45-minute Counseling Session with
    Diagnosed Mental Health Disorder (MHD) – $175
  • 45-minute Counseling Session without MHD – $150
  • Weekly Unlimited E-Mail Access – $ 25 a week
  • Phone Conversations – $ 25-50 each
  • Dream Interpretation – $ 50-100 
  • Meeting with you in your Home – $ 20 a session extra
  • Interconnected by God Book – $15
  • God is Love Book – $15
  • Special Events, Classes, Webinars, etc.- Full Advertised Price

To learn more about personally working with Joyce Stewart submit an application for a complimentary call.