Like most people in the counseling field, Joyce Stewart was trained in traditional psychotherapy. However, she soon discovered that while it helped people manage their symptoms, it did not adequately address their underlying issues so clients were dependent on medications, coping skills and long term talk therapy to help them through life. This didn’t fit into her personal belief system that God is a healing God.

Joyce began studying how Jesus healed and discovered three things: Jesus treated everyone as an individual: no one size fits all treatment, he treated the whole person: body, soul and spirit, and he healed by transferring healing energy from God into the person. With this new found wisdom, she set out on a personal journey into the field of holistic, energy based healing. Joyce began using what she learned with clients and discovered that most of her clients only needed 3-6 months of counseling rather than the traditional 12 months or longer to greatly improve.

The next challenge Joyce ran into was how to explain energy healing in such a way that people could understand it enough to allow her use it with them. This led to the publication of her book, Interconnected by God: Healing for Your Spirit, Soul and Body. This profound book combines science, psychology and spirituality together to help people understand that Holistic Healing can be explained through the science of quantum physics.

What makes Joyce unique from other counselors is that she is trained in traditional Psychotherapy, Christian Counseling, Releasement Therapy and Energy Psychology. She offers on-line personalized, individualized service (not cookie cutter treatments) for clients anywhere in the world. For clients who live in Orange County, CA, Joyce has a physical office she can meet clients at. 

Joyce holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in Illinois and a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Saint Louis University in Missouri. She is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Illinois. In other states she operates as an Holistic Health Practitioner.  Since 2007, Joyce has been a private practice counselor working with adults of trauma, abuse, fear, anxiety, stress, anger, relationship and spiritual issues. Prior to these she worked as a case manager in the foster care system and as a therapist for children in foster/adoptive families.She is the author of Interconnected by God: Healing for your Spirit, Soul and Body and God is Love: A Spiritual Journey from Fear to Love.

Joyce’s Holistic Healing Philosophy:

  • True and lasting change needs to first occur on the inside of you before it manifests in your outward words and behaviors. Many people try to make themselves feel better by changing jobs, hairstyles, cars, spouses etc., only to find the initial “good feeling” doesn’t last.
  • You can go through life managing your problems or maintaining your situation.  Or you can find the root cause, pull it out and be free of the problem.
  • Many of the problems you experience in life are caused by an imbalance between your body, soul (mind, will and emotions), and spirit. To enjoy your life, these need to be in harmony with one another.
  • Your body is an energy system and when your energy is clear and balanced, you are healthy. When it is blocked and unbalanced, you experience physical, relational and mental problems. 
  • Healing occurs as fear is replaced by love and false beliefs are replaced with Truth.
  • God created you as a perfect human being with the light of his presence within you. However, as you go through life, your light gets dimmed and buried under years of fear, anxiety, abuse, rejection, loss, etc. Counseling releases all this junk from you so you can remember who you really are, and your light  can shine brightly as your true authentic self becomes alive again.

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Joyce is a gifted communicator and expert in her field, She can certainly provide help and guidance for you in your journey seeking personal counseling. Joyce was a tremendous help to me during a transition period with my business and my life in general. I’m so glad I reached out for assistance and even more glad it was Joyce I found! The mental, emotional and spiritual benefits I received through her counseling were priceless!

– Liz