Releasing Fear and Anxiety
so You can enjoy more Love and Peace

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Fear and Anxiety are two emotions everyone on the planet feels and many of you feel them a lot. These emotions keep you stuck in life, preventing you from moving forward and living the life you want to live.

Since you found my web site, you may be ready to consider learning how to live with less fear and anxiety.  I have good news for you, it is possible! Society tells you how to manage the symptoms of fear and anxiety with the use of drugs, alcohol, prescription medications and coping skills.

What I do is help you find the root cause of your fear and anxiety, and then when we heal that, the symptoms no longer have anything to attach to so over time will fade away.


Founder, Joyce Stewart has helped hundreds of clients gain positive results quickly by connecting their symptoms to the root cause of their emotional challenges. You are worthy of a better life! Allow Joyce to support you with her extensive expertise and give you the life skills and tools required to set you free for life.
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Before working with Joyce, I was addicted to marijuana, experienced abusive relationships, and suffered from chronic depression and migraine headaches. My relationship with my mother was very troubled and quite painful. There was a long period where we did not speak. I have been divorced twice, and have at times struggled with where I would live. However, I now have a new life thanks to Joyce. She has helped to empowered me to change my thoughts, from negative to positive, and this has made all the difference in the world, as changing my thoughts has in turn changed my behavior. I no longer crave drugs or alcohol. I no longer allow anyone to abuse me. I no longer take any pharmaceutical drugs for depression or migraines. It has been a long road, but oh so worth the journey.

– Lois

When I met Joyce, I was bound by fear and experiencing high levels of anxiety on most days. My mind knew the truth, but my heart and emotions believed the lies. Joyce guided me through an inner healing session, giving prayers and affirmations. In that place of peace, I experienced Jesus’ healing and freeing comfort. When I stop and reflect on where I have come from, and where I am now, it is miraculous.

– Julie

Contact Joyce today for your free consultation to learn more about personally working with Holistic Healing Consulting.